Stage Shows

schools, camps, festivals, libraries

Preschool Shows

Ages 2-5

Drea’s preschool shows engages little minds and bodies. Using call and response, she sings funny, simple songs about numbers, colors and emotions. Kids use their hands and bodies in the songs and stories which keeps them engaged throughout the show.

Audience Engagement

Drea’s stage presence and interactive style engages every child. 

Drea as a real life superhero

Talking Puppets

During the show, kids are captivated by Drea’s ventriloquism and young children often believe the puppets are real. After the show, the kids always want to meet the puppets.

Elementary School Shows, Camps, Libraries, Festivals

Ages 5-11

For groups ages 5-11 Drea performs her Super Vision show. This show uses exciting sound effects, ventriloquism, mime, juggling, and a lot of audience interaction! Its positive messaging about imagination and “it’s ok to make mistakes” is woven throughout the show. As a lifelong educator and entertainer, Drea has learned the best way to teach children is to create memorable experiences with meaningful messages that last a lifetime.

Olaf the puppet falls apart, just like in "real life"!