Standard Kid's Entertainment Packages

Skip and Melody offer amazing entertainment at great prices. If you want a show, you will want to go with Melody! If you definitely want face paint, you’ll want to choose Skip. If you want it ALL, you will want to go with Drea on the Premium Options Page!

Standard Rates

$269 for 1.5 hour minimum

$60 for each additional half hour

Click the booking buttons below to see availability and/or book! First you’ll pick a party package, then you will see real-time availability! After you tentatively book, we will confirm your party. Then we will arrange an easy 15-minute phone call to chat about how to set up your party for success!

Have no fear! All bookings remain tentative with a 72-hour worry-free cancellation or rescheduling period.

Balloon Twisting

Skip and Melody both offer custom balloon twisting. Balloons are a colorful and active way to engage a group of rambunctious party kids! They entertain while they twist and have a special party line system so hardly anyone is waiting.

Music & Movement Games

Skip and Melody both offer games to get the kid’s wiggles and giggles out. Many of the games are familiar with a silly party twist. All winners, no losers, no prizes, parental support or special equipment needed from you! 

  • Big Rainbow Parachute Games
  • Magic Bubbles
  • Scarves for dancing, juggling and creative momevement
  • Imaginative threatrical group missions tailored to your theme 
  • Balloon games, fuzzy snowballs, and more suprises! 

Funny Magic Puppet Show with Melody

Melody’s circus variety show engages kids 3-7 years old.

Kids participate using their hands, bodies and voices as they discover magic, dancing balloons, funny songs, silly characters, sound effects, most famous of all, Herbert the Magical Monster (Melody’s friendly puppet and teacher!) In the end, it’s the kids that are the real stars of the show. 

Face Paint with Skip

Face paint is great for boys and girls, teens and adults! If you are having a pool party, we even have a waterproof option: glitter tattoos!

These sparkly designs can last up to a week and are completely waterproof. We have lots of different stencil designs for everyone! We do corporate parties, festivals, fundraisers, galas and more. What’s your special event? Let us know!

Click here for the full Face Paint FAQ